Our engagement in the healthcare environment leads us to more humanity and empathy because we never forget that patient's life matters more than anything else.

Building trust is a daily effort, keeping it is a life commitment

Cherif Benguerba MD, MBA. President of Axion Company 

Our Mission

Axion was founded

with the support of top executive managers in pharma, generics, medical device and biotech companies in Europe, Middle East and Africa to support our partners in their geographical expansion. 

Axion’s mission is to help

Healthcare companies developing their presence in France, Germany,  United Kingdom, Middle East, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and West Africa.  

Based on a large expertise

in the Healthcare sector, Axion has a unique strategy to offer by focusing only on “what matters” for each market to get substantial results.  

The “what matters” strategy

takes into consideration the strengths,  weaknesses and the budget constraints of our partners.  

Axion Medical Affairs 

Today launching a new product, managing the hospital product usage or providing the right medical information level, couldn’t be done without a strong Medical Affairs knowledge and management. 
Axion Medical Affairs activities are provided by Medical Doctors covering   


Lean Project management for all activities in Medical Affairs (including Phase 3 and 4 clinical trials) 


Medical Scientific Liaison (MSL) teams set up and management  


Medical Scientific Liaison (MSL) Back up and interim


Launch preparation


Medical information service


Analysis of scientific landscape and execution of country Medical Plan


Center of expertise identification and management


Scientific Society interaction and partnership 


Thought Leaders identification and interaction 


Congress management and scientific presentation  


Publication management


Scientific support of Market Access strategy and process 


Scientific support of Early Access Programmes 

Axion Business Development 

Long term partnership and our customers satisfaction are our main objectives.  

Because the complexity of the healthcare industry increased the last decades, we base our approach on high excellence in execution. Depending on the country, we provide different types of services: 


Market Access 


Regulatory support for registration 


Hospital products launch 


Hospital tenders management 


Product launch excellence 


Partnering management with importators, distributors and manufacturers 

Axion Consulting

Based on a large expertise in the Healthcare sector, Axion Consulting provides consulting services depending on the country and the need of our partners. 


Organization assessment and alignment for launch  


Commercial product assessment by country 


Launch preparation assessment based on the level of preparation of our partners 


Long term life cycle strategy and tactics to improve a durable performance 

Axion Regional Presence

Axion has a strong presence in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Middle East, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia 

And it is developping its network in french speaking African countries 

Our Values 


Nothing is possible without trust between different partners. We always maintain a high level of integrity based on ethical convictions by doing the right thing in all circumstances. In all our interactions and activities, we follow the international rules and standards.


Our employees are our strength, each employee is an important member of our global team. 

We created a work environment of trust and respect with diversity and integration, where every employee is treated fairly and respectfully. 

Through a motivated team, we offer quality services to our partners and customers. 


We are fully dedicated to support all our partners in achieving their objectives by deploying all the necessary resources. 

We believe that business relationships built on trust and mutual interest are the key success factors. 

Our Partners